Renowned Spanish Falconer, Member of the Spanish Falconry Association. Author of the books “Goshawk, God made youEternal” and “La leyenda del águila de Harris.” He is one of those responsible for introducing the Sky trial competition in Spain.

Gustavo Trainini

Founding partner of the company Hayabusa, he breeds several species of birds of prey, such as the peregrine falcon and the pichinchae aplomado falcon. For many years he was responsible for the control with falconry at Salgado Filho International Airport, in Porto Alegre / RS.

Bob Dalton is  one of the most important falconers in the world.

He has over forty-five years of experience working and training birds of prey, as well as authoring several falconry books.

Ronivon Viana is one of the first and most important falconers in Brazil. He is the owner of the breeding center Enfalco, which sells several species of birds of prey, including owls. In this exclusive interview he talks all about the barn owl species ( Tyto furcata ).

Renowned English falconer, and the most important eagle breeder in the world, who even achieved the feat of breeding the first golden eagle by artificial insemination outside a laboratory, on his farm in Scotland.

Important Brazilian Falconer, Owner of CEPAR (Center for the Preservation of Birds of Prey), responsible for fauna control with the use of Falconry at the airport of Galeão-RJ.

A Dutchman in love with birds since he was a child, today he owns a breeding center specialized in the reproduction of the barn owls

of the subspecies Tyto Alba Alba, the whitest ones that exist.

Brazilian falconer tells his experience working with falconry in Brazil and Europe, and what it's like to fly a golden eagle.

She is the administrator of the International Center for Birds of Prey in the United Kingdom, and is one of the most important falconers, breeder of birds of prey and author of books in the world. In addition, she is one of the references in the study, training and reproduction of owls.

Biologist specialized in wildlife rescue, naturalist, experienced falconer, nature photographer and an artist who portrays the most diverse species of birds of prey in his paintings.

American falconer who works with fauna control, she tells us how is her work with falconry in the United States.

Leo Fukui is very important for Brazilian Falconry. In addition to being one of the founders of the Brazilian Falconry association, ABFPAR, he is also the owner of the breeding center Fukui, which commercially reproduces the Harris Hawk and the american Kestrel.

Ed Pitcher and Ricardo Velarde are the authors of a book that, instead of teaching techniques, proposes to think about your own relationship with your bird, this is where the secret to flying captive falcons is found, with the same performance as the wild ones.

Hildegardo Gomes is a respected falconer in Brazil, specializing in the falco femoralis species. One of the pioneers of Brazilian falconry, isolated in a small town in Piauí, he overcame all difficulties to become a falconer.

Matt Mullenix is a writer, communications consultant and falconer living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. He is the author of three books on the sport of falconry and numerous periodical articles and contributions to others' works. He talks about his experience with American Kestrels.

Delo Verginio is from São Paulo, Mogi-Guaçu, graduated in veterinary medicine and post graduated in veterinary clinical pathology. He works in fauna management with an emphasis on airports at the company Falco Brasil Serviços Ambientais. He was the creator of the blog "A Bússola do Falcoeiro", which for a long time guided the beginners of this ancient art.

He is one of the most recognized falconers in the world, and contributes not only with his great experience in falconry, but also with the publication of several books and documentaries and as an environmental lawyer in the conservation of birds of prey.

Hilário is a biologist, falconer and responsible for the visibility of imports of birds of prey in recent years in Brazil. For those who believe that having an European bird is impossible, find out more about how the import process works in his interview.

Doctor Salman Ahmad is a Pakistani veterinarian specializing in birds of prey, especially hawks, who has lived in Abu Dhabi for the past 10 years and works at Gulf Vet care for Falcons clinic in Al wathba, Abu Dhabi.

Rafael Nudelman is a veterinarian specializing in exotic animals,

owner of the PróSilvestres clinic in Rio de Janeiro, and he talks about

 how is his work dedicated to birds of prey.


Spanish Falconer, has worked in the Sendaviva de Arguedas park for more than 12 years, and is the author of the Spanish book Falconry with golden eagle, the first book in Spanish that teaches how to train, fly and hunt with a golden eagle

Ornithologist specialized in birds of prey, he is responsible for the Aves de Rapina Brasil website, one of the largest Brazilian references dedicated to these fascinating birds.

American falconer from Eastland, Texas, he tells us about falconry in the USA, and his experience flying the most diverse species of birds of prey.

Experienced Spanish falconer, he is the author of the book: Traditional Cetrería: La caza de la perdiz roja por Altanería.

Veterinarian specialized in wild animals and owner of the veterinary clinic VETFAUNA Veterinary Specialties, in Sarzedo (Grande BH - Minas Gerais), focused on specialized care for Companion, Wild and Exotic Animals

Rodney Stotts is proof of how falconry and birds of prey can change a person's life completely, giving him a new meaning, and a fresh start. A former drug dealer in Washington DC, it was an owl who saved him from himself, and today he is dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey and environmental education.

Video interview with the Mexican falconer Russel Salazar, who shows us his practice of falconry and talks a little about falconry in Mexico.

Alessandro Bijjeni is a veterinarian in São Paulo at the Exotic Pets Clinic, working exclusively with wild and exotic animals, working with medical, surgical, breeding assistance and environmental education.

Jeremy is the author of the book “The passage Merlin”. A falconer for 20 years, he has flown all three North American Merlin subspecies, and tells us all about the Utah Merlin Meet, dedicated to microfalconry, which takes place annually in Utah, USA .

Brandon was originally born in Bangkok, Thailand, grew up in Hawaii and lived in southern California, where he learned about falconry. Tattoo artist who knew falconry 20 years ago, today uses his knowledge of bird flight to create realistic sculptures of birds of prey.

Birds of prey, snakes and other predators suffer from prejudice. The environmental education carried out by Thiago Angeli and Sandra Sakamoto demystifies these prejudices and teach about the importance of these animals to the enviroment. 

In Kazakhstan the culture of flying golden eagles is one of the most fascinating ways to practice falconry. To find out more about these fascinating eagle hunters, today the interview is with Bakyt Karnakbayev, the IAF Representative for Central Asia

With 12 years of experience at Buriki Ambiental, André Costa tells us how he had his first contact with falconry, and how he now dedicates himself to environmental education.

Ramon Ponce is the organizer of the first national Low Flight meeting, in Copandaro de Galeana, in the state of Michoacán, Mexico. He tells us all about the event, in his interview.

André Harms Schuarts was born and raised in Curitiba, Paraná, studied zootechnics at UFPR, is married to biologist Renata Schuarts, and today they are the owners of the breeding center Paradijs Vogel, which sells several species of exotic and wild birds, including several species of owls.

Learn about the  project: Natural pest control project with barn owls (Tyto alba javanica) from the club RAPTOR CLUB INDONESIA, in the interview by Bobby Suhartanto.

Interview with Jefferson Silva and Luiz Ribenboim, on the book Corujas do Brasil, with information on 22 of the 23 species recorded so far in Brazil, and information on each species, its geographical distribution, voice, behavior, reproduction, habitat, diet and status conservation.


Brazilian biologist and falconer Alexandre Crisci tells us about his experience in Peru, where he spent a year learning falconry with the Peruvian falconer Denis Cisneros Alcazar.

New commercial breeding of Birds of Prey - CEPAR. Interview with the owner Junior Abreu.

tatiana e raul.jpg

Learn about falconry in Paraguay and about the first golden eagle in the country, used in Fauna control.

Sanjay Veiga is a biologist graduated from Vale do Acaraú State University and has a master's degree in the survey of enterobacteria in free-living peregrine falcons. Born in Fortaleza, Ceará,  he was the pioneer in falconry in his state.


Geiser is a guide for observers and nature photographers in Brazil. He tells us how was the experience of monitoring a nest of Ornate hawk eagle (Spizaetus ornatus) next to PETAR, in the south of the state of São Paulo, within the municipality of Iporanga-SP.

Learn all about Birdwatching and his participation in the book

“Owls ofBrazil” in an interview by Norton Santos.


To learn more about falconry in China, I interviewed falconer Baoyong Zhang, general secretary of the Chinese falconry association China Tian Dao, created in 2016.

To learn about Falconry in Peru, read the interview by Denis Cisneros, falconer from Mirasflores, one of the districts that are part of the province of Lima, Peru.

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Birdwatching combined with the preservation of owls . Find out how is this project in Americana - São Paulo, that helps the short eared owl (Asio flammeus).

Much more than teaching management and training, Anna Sanchez teaches us how to understand the minds of owls, fascinating birds that demand a lot of dedication and comprehension for a perfect coexistence.

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